NYC Lawyer for Changes to Business Ownership & Structure

With over 12 years of experience in corporate law practice, Szendel PLLC has helped to guide NYC area companies through hundreds of changes involving business operations. As businesses advance and grow, co-owners and investors may come and go, roles and responsibilities may change, and other structural and organizational changes may be necessary to protect the business and its owners from liability and other risks.

Szendel’s corporate law practice provides a comprehensive solution for growing businesses by advising on and helping to facilitate changes to business ownership and structure.  We work to ensure our clients make informed choices and undertaking appropriate measures to protect their interests by providing customized counsel encompassing the following:

  • Addition of new business partners and members;
  • Withdrawals, terminations and buyouts of business partners, members and founders;
  • Re-defining ownership roles, responsibilities and rights;
  • Sale and transfers of business assets, shares and ownership interests;
  • Advising on seeking investors and facilitating business financing arrangements;
  • Amending operating agreements, by-laws and other organizational contracts and documents;
  • Avoiding owner liability and “piercing the corporate veil”;
  • Dissolution of business;
  • Business name changes;
  • Changes in registered agent or business address;
  • Changes in domicile or registering to do business in another state;
  • Counseling on changes in internal affairs and corporate governance;
  • Consulting on appropriate entity type to suit business objectives;
  • Assist with drafting and filing all necessary corporate documents

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