NYC Dispute Resolution Law Firm

Szendel PLLC’s dispute resolution practice is focused on crafting strategies and solutions to finesse volatile situations and mitigate conflict especially where prolonged litigation is not the desired, or most sensible, course of action.  We are regularly called upon by clients engaged in business disputes to help facilitate arms-length negotiations before things get out of hand, especially in matters involving the following:

To learn more about how we add value to clients through dispute resolution, read about Our Process for quickly and effectively resolving business disputes implementing a variety of different negotiation, litigation and alternative dispute resolution strategies.

Szendel has substantial experience handling all aspects of business disputes and also provides full-service litigation services whenever necessary, however our mission and priority is always to achieve the most expeditious and cost-effective resolution that serves your business objectives.

If have a business dispute, please contact us now for a personalized consultation to evaluate how we can help you achieve your desired outcome through our dispute resolution or litigation services.